Key Largo Charter Fishing Pointers

Who's going? Is everyone fishing? Find out who in your party is ready for the trip and get a head count. Is everyone fishing or are some just tagging along to get some sun or to watch other bring in the big one.

This will be an important question to ask prior to booking the Key Largo Charter. Note: a Charter runs from 4 to 8 hours on the open Water so for those who have difficulty with the motion of the Boat remember there is no turning back because the others on the Boat paid to go fishing and time is money for the Captain. Get some motion sickness medicine before heading out.

What's your Budget? Great everyone is coming! Now we need to prepare for what we are willing to spend. A lot will depend on the type of Key Largo fishing you plan on doing. Key Largo Fishing Guides (fish inland and coastal Waterways) can take out one to three people and prices can range from $400 to $650 per day per trip. Private Fishing Charter (fish on large inland Waterways, coastal bays and off-shore) will let you rent the Boat with a full-crew for a half day or full day with prices ranging from $350 to $1200 per day per trip for up to six people at a time. Now the least expense Key Largo Charter Fishing adventure is in way of what they call a "Head Boat" or a Deep Sea Charter Fishing Boat head off-shore due to their size; can take out 20 to 60 people at a time and charge $30 to $80 per person. Note: pricing depends on the seasonality of the location; for example: Florida and the Caribbean in the winter months will be at premium rates versus summer months. Also ask what the price includes such as gas, gratuities, any taxes or fees, bait, drinking water, etc... if there is nothing included in the price find out the extras. Start Shopping!

What type of fishing are you looking for - inland and coastal Waterways or off-shore? A Key Largo Fishing Guide will be the one to take you out on inland and coastal Waterways including backcountry fishing. The advantage a Guide has is there is only 2 or 3 people on the Boat, less rocking motion on the Water then off-shore or large bays and there is more to see and explore. Charter Fishing Captain would be the one to take you out off-shore in the deep blue ocean. The advantage a Charter Rental has is more people with bait in the Water the more opportunity to catch fish, catch larger fish including sharks, off-shore Boats are larger with typically a head (toilet), beverage bar/snacks and you’ll usually catch a quantity of fish not always quality. Which do you prefer? Go with the one that is right for you. Once you find a Guide or Charter ask some questions... This is a sure way of not missing anything and choosing the right Key Largo Charter or Guide prior to cutting the check and making the commitment. Is there any cost for someone who isn't fishing but wants to ride along? Are you kid friendly? Is the boat in compliance with Coast Guard and state safety regulations? In the event of bad weather, is the deposit (if any) refundable? Is a fishing license required? Is a head (bathroom) on-board? Do you have or sell beverages on-board? Are cooler allowed with your own food and drink? Is it catch and release or can we keep a legal catch? Can you fillet the catch and if so is there a fee? Can I bring my own fishing tackle? Quantity or Quality? Inform them of your preference. Once you write down these responses it up to you on whether a Guide or Charter is right for you. If you don't feel comfortable with their responses, keep searching for another Guide or Charter. Book it! Congratulations you found the right Charter, now let's guarantee the date and time. But before you cut the check and make the commitment find out about the deposit and cancellation policy. How much deposit is required to hold the Boat and if you need to cancel or change your date what is the latest you can do this without forfeiting your deposit? Note: most Charters don't accept credit cards; only cash and some will take a personal check. Ask before showing up at the dock with your plastic; this could be your shortest fishing trip ever!

What to Bring with you... Charter Boats and Guides will bring the basics such as fishing equipment, tackle, ice and bait and even some will provide food and beverages (check this out before packing for the day) so here are essentials you can be without: Sunscreen is a must - even under shade the glare from the Water can burn you. Camera - you must record the big one! And of course the great experience you have. Weather appropriate outerwear - check the weather forecast before heading out. Sunglasses & hat or visor - this will help with the glare; try polarized glasses this allows you too see just below the surface. Food - plenty of snacks and a big lunch to keep the energy up. Cooler - bring Water but really at the end of the day you need something to bring your catch home. And just in case - motion sickness medication. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes (sneakers or croc's are fine) Catch & Release or can you bring Fish home? This is entirely up to you. Are you in it for the sport or are you looking for dinner? Whichever you decided the Charter Crew or Guide will provide instructions on how to release the fish properly for its safe return to the depths or to ensure you're catching the legal size and limit (amount) of the type of fish your hauling in.


Key Largo Fishing Vacations


Key Largo Fishing Vacation - Key Largo Fishing Vacations - Key Largo Family Vacation - Key Largo fishing Charter

Key Largo Florida is the first of the Florida Keys as you drive south from Miami. For many it is the only stop as they consider the waters around Key Largo to be amongst the finest in the world for diving. If your Key Largo Fishing Vacation is all about scuba, snorkeling, or fishing, Key Largo Florida has everything you need within a short drive from Miami International Airport or even Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

The Florida Keys have become a popular destination for Americans looking for a tropical vacation without leaving their own country. Key Largo, the northernmost island of the Florida Keys is a water lover’s paradise. Just offshore Key Largo is the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, the largest living coral reef in the United States. Reefs and shipwrecks attract divers and snorkelers to Key Largo, while deep sea fishermen flock to the area in search of more than 200 varieties of fish found in local waters. Fishing is a premium in Key Largo. The area abounds in game fish and they may be caught in any number of venues. There are many Key Largo fishing charters, guides and rentals. Key Largo boasts over 10% of all IGFA fishing world records.

Key Largo Fishing Vacations 

Key Largo and Florida Keys

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